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Wait, what's this all about?

Greetings #staynftympls community!

If you you have come this far it means you've probably checked out our instagram or twitter, discovered the 612 Series, and read a bit about us (if not, get to it already!).

While the concept seems great, you may be thinking "wait, what is this all about?"

This blog will provide a (relatively) quick intro to the world of NFT's and give some helpful hints for unpacking the steps needed buy your first NFT and join the staynftympls community!

Scroll down to find...


Step 1: WTF is an NFT?

(totally borrowed that phrase... and a lot of the language below... we're learning together folks)

An NFT, Non-Fungible Token, is a "token that that we can use to represent ownership of unique items. They let us tokenize things like art, collectibles, even real estate. They can only have one official owner at a time and they are secured by the Ethereum (among other) blockchain(s)" (

In short NFT's are things that folks can buy (physical or digital) on the blockchain, generally using cryptocurrency.

Okay great.... still confused. Check out some need to know info below:

Fungible vs. Non-Fungible

Non-Fungible "Tokens" and the Blockchain

What if I just want short videos?


Step 2: Where can I find NFTs?

The 612 Series

  • You can learn about the inaugural staynftympls 612 Series on our website

  • You can explore the full collection on OpenSea.

Tips for browsing the 612 series on OpenSea

Other places to search and projects / spaces / stories that are inspiring us

Other places to find NFTs

NFT Marketplaces

Places // Projects that are inspiring us


Step 3: How do I buy an NFT?

Purchasing an NFT is a simple three step process:

Step 1: Set up a crypto wallet

Your crypto wallet will interact with blockchain integrated websites (like OpenSea), be your method of payment, and allow you to buy, access, sell, and trade NFTs.

I use a metamask wallet, along with 21 million other folks around the globe. It is available in the App Store, as a plugin on your browser, and is super easy to use.

Step 2: Get some Crypto

You have a wallet, let's get some Crypto! If you are purchasing a 612 Series NFT, you will need to purchase some ETH, the digital currency required for transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can buy ETH...

  • directly through the metamask wallet once downloaded

  • through a digital exchange like Coinbase (also a great place to keep an eye on the ever-changing value of ETH against the dollar)

**Consider gas fees - take out a a bit more than price of the desired NFT**

Step 3: Buy a 612 Series NFT already!

Hop on 612 Series collection and...

  • Connect your metamask wallet (revisit the wallet set up or this play-by-play video!)

  • Find a piece that you love - maybe its the landmark, the colors, a Minneapolis memory

  • Click the Buy Now button

  • Follow the prompts in your wallet

  • Check the NFTs tab in your wallet or "collected" tab in OpenSea and swoon over your new piece... you did it!

A note that ALL initial sales of the 612 Series will be set at a fixed-price on OpenSea. Here is a quick guide to buying a fixed-price NFT


Step 4: Spread the love

You obviously are here to build community, encourage creativity, and #staynfty!

If purchasing a staynftympls NFT wasn't enough...

  • Share it with the world and @ us on instagram and twitter

  • Find us at one of our upcoming meetups / workshops / celebrations

  • Tell a friend to tell a friend

  • If your inspired yourself, keep an eye on the Get NFTy program and help us continue to build a Minneapolis narrative that we ALL can be proud of


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