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612 Series

The inaugural staynftympls series is a collection of 612 unique snapshots of iconic Minneapolis landmarks produced using 612 pixels.

Each of the 33 landmarks holds rich memories for me and (hopefully) my Minneapolis neighbors. While the simplicity of design can make it challenging to identify the landmarks at first glance, memories allow one to smooth out the sharp corners of each pixel and etch in the finer detail - a moment in time, a change in season, the warm glow of a rising sun. 

Returning to the "612" recently after over a decade of bouncing coast to coast, I would often encounter the same feeling when attempting to describe my undying love for this city to folks from afar. "Why are you moving back?" they would ask. "Why put up with the changing seasons, bitter cold, and harsh winters?"

I could argue but, much like these images, if you know, you know.

No need to explain.


- Erik Halaas, Part-time Creative

Tower Animated (UPDATE).gif

Why buy 612?

Revenue generated from the 612 Series will be used to fund our initial Get NFTy MPLS project(s). As an early supporter of the staynftympls community, purchasing a piece from the "612 Series" will also provide a seat at the table in determining the creative direction of staynftympls. Owners of a "612 Series" piece will have the opportunity to provide input as the community develops, secure a vote in the selection process for each Get NFTy MPLS project, and receive priority access to staynftympls NFT drops when possible.


Check out Get NFTy page to learn more. 

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The artist... 

Erik Halaas was born and raised in Minneapolis. He has since bounced around the country doing a variety of cause-driven work in the non-profit sector as a writer, program manager, evaluator, and a community builder before landing back in Minneapolis in 2019.

He currently helps run the Toaster Innovation Hub at the University of Minnesota promoting interdisciplinary collaboration in service to innovation and entrepreneurship. Above all else, he is a loving husband and dad to two little ones.

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Through all of this, he has remained an avid but part-(more like part-part)-time creative dabbling in two dimensional art. He is brand new to the NFT space. Excited by the accessibility of simple and methodical digital and graphic arts (typically taking place half asleep after the boys crash for the night) and the tremendous opportunity for community building sparked by the NFT space, he jumped into the 612 Series with both feet and one primary goal: to staynfty!


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