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Have a creative idea that contributes to the Minneapolis narrative?

An interest in exploring the NFT space?

Need an extra nudge to get in motion? 

...Let's get NFTy MPLS!

Get NFTy MPLS - Launching 2022

The vision of Get NFTy MPLS is to build a community supported program that uplifts part-time creatives who are (a) contributing to the Minneapolis narrative and (b) interested in entering the NFT space. The program will be funded through revenue generated via the inaugural "612 series" and future staynftympls projects and informed by the staynftympls community. 

Get NFTy MPLS projects will aim to connect part-time creatives to...

  • The staynftympls community - a network of fellow Minneapolis creatives and consumers of Minneapolis-centric content

  • Hands-on support through the development and launch of a staynftympls series NFT drop

  • A financial award to support the creative process

  • An opportunity to highlight their work at staynftympls community celebrations 

Get NFTy MPLS project submissions will be curated by the staynftympls team and put in front of the broader staynftympls community for a final vote. More to come. Let's Get NFTy MPLS!

How to launch a Get NFTy MPLS project


Connect to the community

Share / generate ideas

motivate & create


refine a project idea

get feedback

submit an application

(app process TBD)


If selected... 

Connect w/ staynftympls team


contribute to the MPLS narrative


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