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Build Community // Encourage Creativity // Stay NFTy

staynftympls is a supportive community that shares, celebrates, and encourages the creativity of Minneapolis' full-time residents / part-time creatives by exploring and leveraging NFTs and blockchain technology. 


Encourage Creativity

The staynftympls community will do this by creating a virtual home for part-time creatives to share our ideas, our work, and our encouragement (staynftympls discord coming soon).

As a community, we are also aiming to select and support part-time creatives through the Get NFTy MPLS program. These community sponsored projects will culminate with in-person celebrations of the creative(s), their work, and the staynftympls community. 

Build Community

A community for full-time residents / part time creatives. We're looking at you working parents, full time students, and dual job jugglers! Calling all late night crafters, zoom meeting doodlers, and intermittent innovators! 

Inspired by the budding social communities and new revenue streams created through NFTs, staynftympls hopes to encourage folks who have put their creative dreams on delay to reignite those passion projects through a community of collective support.

Whether it is the community you need, exposure to new and inspiring content, or (lets be real) the potential for some cash for the cause, we all need the added motivation and staynftympls is here for it!

StayNFTYmpls Logo (Desktop Wallpaper) (Postcard) (Animated Social Media).gif

Learn how you can support and actively participate in the community through the inaugural drop: "612 Series."

"Stay NFTy"

Nifty: Merriam-Webster defines "nifty" as "very good: such as... very attractive or appealing; pleasant or enjoyable; interesting or clever; well executed." 

NFT: defines NFTs as "tokens that we can use to represent ownership over unique items... like art... They can have only one official owner at a time and are secured by the Etherium blockchain"

Exploring and leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs together, staynftympls aims to empower part-time creatives and their supporters to connect, share, grow, and thrive while ensuring we all #stayNFTy.



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