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The Berlin Bag: Takeaways from NFT Art Berlin

Updated: May 1, 2022

We packed our bags and went to NFT Art Berlin because… it was super fun!

In addition to having a blast, we lucked our way into minting some great NFT art.

While we left with some valuable pieces in the staynftypls wallet, our Berlin bag included some critical takeaways for unpacking the value of this new space and helping us answer the question we often get…. Why?

Why collect NFTs? Why invest in NFT art / artists? Why @staynftympls?

Here are three important takeaways from our experience in Berlin that helped us unpack these questions…

Like our man Fabolous says... just throw it in the bag!

...for those of you who need to hear it


Berlin Bag #1: Inflection #48 by Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis creates abstract work using algorithmic processes. He writes custom code in the programming language processing that randomly determines compositional elements related to size, quantity, color, placement, and grid density within specified parameters.

His art explores geometric structure and color arrangement through computation and iteration... it's also beautiful!

See a screen grab of Inflection #48 to the right that our team minted in Berlin. Be sure to click it for the full effect.

Takeaway: Invest in Art for Art's Sake

Two folks that we started following early in this journey did a great job of simplifying our approach to this piece and NFT art in general within the confines of a text / tweet:

  1. Jeff Staple, who recently launched Stapleverse, an interactive experience and evolving creative journey leveraging NFTs, said simply to look "for NFTs that you like and buy a few. Don't do it for the investment. Do it for the art."

  2. Bryan Brinkman, an award-winning multi-media artist who creates a variety playful work about pop culture and the crypto-verse, said "the utility of buying art NFTs is watching the artists succeed and grow."

Jeff Davis is a seasoned artist whose work both captivates us and demonstrates a lifetime of growth. Inflections builds on his rich history of color theory and more recent exploration into generative work and visually conveys the shifting directions and new energies he has been navigating in his rapidly changing environment.

The statement behind this series rings true for the @staynftympls team and is also something we hope we can inspire among local creatives.

To Jeff Staples point, we like the work! To Bryan Brinkman's point, we also like the artist, their growth and development, and would like to see that growth continue.

While we lucked into a connection to Jeff Davis, @staynftympls hopes to make investing in NFT art for art's sake easier for both creators and consumers of work that contributes to the #mpls narrative.


The Berlin Bag #2 - The IRL Experience

NFT Art Berlin was organized by Bright Moments, an arts organization owned and operated by holders of CryptoCitizen NFTs (more on that later). Their mission is to educate, empower, and connect communities around the world through unforgettable, unique experiences.

NFT Art Berlin did just that... the immensity of Kraftwerk, a former Berlin power station and home of NFT Art Berlin; the curation of top notch local and global generative artists; the uniqueness of the minting process; the integration of lighting, music and performative art throughout... the list goes on and on.

I remember a tweet promoting the event stating...

We'll remember... check the video evidence.

In a recent article by Art Dusseldorf, it was said that "NFTs and thus the interest in digital art have become so commonplace that (they) want to be experienced in physical space." Not only did we experience the value of IRL but just how powerful that experience can be if done right.

Takeaway: The Power of IRL Experience

While art for art's sake is important, the opportunity to experience that art, solo or shared, engage with the artist and with others, interested or unimpressed, is often just as important. The same reason you attend a gallery or art opening, visit the local museum, hang a print on your wall, or collect NFTs in your wallet.

Why mint In Real Life (IRL)? "For the presentation of (digital) art... for the mediation and contextualization of the work. And for selling NFT's to (more) traditional art collectors."

@staynftympls hopes to make this type of IRL connection to the work and the artist possible for creators and consumers of work that contributes to the #mpls narrative.


The Berlin Bag #3: CryptoBerliner #346

At face value, this is an image of a spicy keyboardist in front of Kraftwerk Berlin.

While the visual is fairly obvious, the ownership of this image (NFT) means a great deal more.

Our spicy keyboardist is one of 1,000 CryptoBerliners which are a subset of 10,000 CryptoCitizens. So what?

The Bright Moments DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), uses these CryptoCitizens as their governance mechanism. As a result, each holder of these CryptoCitizens, including our CryptoBerliner #346 pictured at right, becomes an equal member of the organization.

Each member has equal rights and these rights. are expressed in a number of ways, including:

  • The ability to vote on DAO proposals related to...

    • the roadmap (business plan)

    • distribution of golden tokens (access to NFT drops)

    • treasury allocation

  • Equal access to...

    • future NFT drops

    • unique merchandise

    • special experiences

Takeaway: NFTs as Utility AND Community

Such member rights are often referred to as an NFT's "utility" - the benefits or opportunities granted as a result of ownership. The form of utility varies dramatically from tickets to the upcoming veecon conference, to access to avatars and with customized clothing and sneakers (yeah, I know, it's weird), or direct interaction with pro athletes.

The true utility of CryptoBerliner #346 is blending the first two items in our bag: increasing access to (1) Art for Art's Sake, and the opportunity to continue building community through (2) the power of IRL Experiences.

We left NFT Art Berlin with art, a connection to the artist(s), and a connection to others with shared interests. The hope for this piece is that it will ease access to more: more art, more connections, more experiences - both solo and shared. A thriving and creative community.

Much like Bright Moments, @staynftympls hopes to build a community that shares, celebrates, and encourages the creativity of Mineapolis' full-time residents / part-time creatives by exploring and leveraging NFTs and blockchain technology.

Like my man Fabolous said… “Just throw it in the Bag”

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